New trailer and information on the crossover between Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil


from dead in daylight Turned into a survival game, many co-ops emerged with the appearance of special situations and characters to unlock. Even the most popular one was among them 2021 con resident evil, The same is spreading with more content than the beloved saga Capcom.

To celebrate the union between video games, it was decided to launch a new video trailer, where you can see the characters Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers And that attracted the most attention, Albert Wesker. This means that there will be more missions where the leading girls will have to manage to fight the franchise’s iconic villains.

Here you can check it:

It is noteworthy that with this collaboration dead in daylight y Resident EvilUsers can enjoy the game on famous Thana map Raccoon City. The best part is that the episode is tied together in one kind of story, so it will be a great way to further enjoy the lore of this crossing of interesting universes.

The crossover doesn’t have a release date yet. Note that the game is available PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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